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Selecting Where To Go On Vacation

People need to be able to take a rest from their busy work schedule every now and then so that they do not end up having a nervous break down. This is what holidays are for and you need to make sure that you go on holiday or at least take a break once in a while. If you go on holiday then you need to take a look at where you go carefully to make sure that your entire household is going to enjoy the time away.

Whenever you take a look at vacation ideas you will likely look at a number of holiday destinations. There is nothing wrong with this particular idea. You’re going to get to see things that you wouldn’t otherwise get to see. You may also discover some really interesting activities and locations in your own country, you don’t have to go abroad to be a tourist. You have to make sure that there is enough there to keep all of you busy for the whole duration of the holiday though. Not every person is content to sit by the side of the pool reading a novel for a week.

Another holiday idea to think about is a fishing resort or even game resort of some type. These are typically quite a way off the beaten track and will provide the peace and quiet that you need. There’s also generally a lot to do at a game reserve. You can go on game drives and there are frequently horse riding paths that you could go on if you want to get up close and personal with the game in the reserve. If you are not inclined to take pleasure from going on a game drive then you can simply enjoy sitting around drinking cool drinks or even cocktails and see what game comes to visit you. If the reserve has a river running through it then you are probably going to be capable of going fishing. The Zambezi River offers the tiger fish as a challenge for the angler for example.

Of course, not everyone is in a position to afford to go to a resort or something along those lines. There is nothing wrong with spending a week at home and simply enjoying each other’s company. Lots of people get a large amount of fulfillment from this kind of thing and will go back to work feeling really relaxed as well as rejuvenated. This really is the purpose of taking some time off work after all.

As you can tell, there are many things to do with regards to a vacation. You can look at visiting a few of the holiday destinations which are all around your own country. You can go to a game reserve of some type and enjoy game drives as well as fishing trips. Whatever you choose to do though, it is crucial that you make sure that you select a holiday destination that appeals to the whole family, not just to you. Having bored children running around can definitely put a dent in your vacation and make it less calming than it should be.

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A Tad Of Background On The Zambesi River

Many people know the Zambezi river to accommodate the monstrous Victoria Falls, but understand very little else about it. The Zambezi, in fact, is the 4th longest river system in Africa right after the Nile, the Zaire and the Niger rivers as it flows its course over some twenty five hundred km’s. The river has its origin in Zambia, after which it flows into Angola and along the borders of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe and into Mozambique where it unwraps into the Indian Ocean. Zambezi River means the “Great River” in the local Zambian dialect.

Aside from the spectacular Vic Falls, other significant features are the Kariba dam (some 260 kilometres long and forty kilometres at its broadest point) in addition to the Cahora Bassa dam. Both these dams are used for producing hydroelectric power. The Cahora Bassa system also provides power into the South African electricity grid, aside from providing power to Mozambique. In addition to being a large and important commercial angling resource, the Kariba dam provides superb leisure fishing particularly Tiger fishing, as does the Cahora Bassa dam. To read more about you can visit the website

Along its course the Zambezi flows through three regions, namely:

The upper Zambesi , which flows into Angola for some 250 kilometres, where it is joined by some tributaries before turning to the north-west over some highlands before turning south where it produces a floodplain where the river becomes variable in breath during the wet and dry seasons. Victoria Falls indicates the end of the upper Zambezi and the beginning of the middle Zambezi.

The middle Zambezi, which flows from Vic Falls through the Batoka gorge. This gorge supplies the most challenging river rafting for enthusiasts before the river enters the Kariba dam some two hundred and fifty kilometres downstream from the gorge. Lake Kariba is one of the biggest man-made lakes on this planet. This region ends where the Zambezi enters the Cahora Bassa dam in Mozambique.

The Lower Zambezi, which flows from the Cahora Bassa dam to the Indian Ocean some 600 kilometres away.

The Zambezi, in particular the middle region, is a much-loved tourist area offering various hotels in both Zambia and Zimbabwe. The waters above the Vic Falls is extremely rich with fish (reportedly more than 100 species, some of which are endemic to this great river) hippopotamuses and crocodiles. The banks of the river is abundant with mammals such as elephant, giraffe, buffalo and many antelope species. Birds show up in abundance with the remarkable fish eagle a firm favourite with the tourists. Herons, pelicans and egrets also show up in great numbers as a result of fish rich waters.

This area is further a favorite venue for house boats that offer magnificent game viewing and fishing to a large number of tourists as floating hotels. The climate favours activities like rafting, fishing, hunting and game viewing in either high-class style or even self catering style. The choice is yours to discover and enjoy one of the best “bush experiences” Africa has to offer.

There are a variety of travel specialists and air operators that support this area. A substantial selection of holiday accommodation is available, as is car hire services should you choose to enter the area by air.

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