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Have You Been Considering Timber Flooring? What You Need To Know

Timber flooring gives a certain feel and look to a home which can’t be imitated by many other materials. Solid timber creates a sense and feel of warmth due to the natural insulating abilities yet it’s also visually very interesting. Most older homes would have timber flooring that are still in good shape and the explanation is that timber is incredibly resilient and when taken care of can literally last ages.

What type of timber to buy

There are numerous species of timber which can be utilized for flooring. Timber species also each have different specifications, they differ in color, grain and also hardness. A number of the more commonly used species of timber for floors are pine , oak and mahogany. The type of timber you decide on will vary in price according to the species as well as based on the hardness of the timber. For more information on wooden poles, go to

You can pick the timber for your floor depending on the durability along with the colour that you want. The colour will mostly be based upon taste or to match with the interior planning of your property.

Red mahogany for example is a reddish colour, it is very hard and also resistant against termites. Then there’s pine which is a varies in hues of yellowish-tan. Pine is available in different hardness also depending on the type of pine it is.

How to look after your floors

There are various ways which you can take care of you timber flooring. When cared for in the proper manner timber flooring will last for more than a century. Place protective padding over the legs of pieces of furniture. It will stop the home furniture from scratching the wood when furniture is being moved.

Ensure that people sporting high heeled shoes leave their shoes at the front door. The heels of high heel dress shoes can leave scuff marks and dents on the floor. To prevent this you could have a few pairs of slippers at the front end door.

Make sure to resurface your timber floors every 4-5 years. This process is the light sanding of the varnish then re-varnishing the floors. The moment done make sure you wait 48 hours so that the varnish is correctly dried before replacing furniture.

Place rugs and mats over areas which are highly trafficked for example by the front door. Also place a rug under your lounge area table.

If you have a fireplace place be sure to place a protective casing in-front of the fire or a protective mat to stop cinder from spoiling the floor.

In order to keep your floor clean use a dry mop to remove dust and utilize a damp cloth to eliminate any tough spots.

Responsible buying

Always make sure that the timber yard the place you buy your timber from have sourced their timber in a legitimate way, they ought to adhere to their timber regulations and their products must prove this compliance. Accountable timber sourcing is critical for the protection of our natural environment.


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