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Picking Out And Using Bricks In The Residential Setting

The use of ceramic bricks is a means of building that’s been utilized for hundreds of years. This is mainly because that clay bricks tend to be very durable and strong as well as visually attractive. You will find there’s a wide array of distinct styles and shades of bricks on the market nowadays and it might be a tough job to choose the most suitable style.

The type of brick you choose will depend first of all on what you intend to use it for, and secondly, whether it is going to be visible or covered by plaster and paint. With respect to the abovementioned, it stands to reason that you will need to choose a paving brick when you’re putting down paving and face brick or cement building bricks when you’re building walls. Sad to say surface or ‘face’ brick, which is so called because it’s visible when building is finished, tends to be more costly because it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve ever seen a home with bare cement block wall surfaces then you will understand what we mean by ‘visually appealing’. Therefore it’s likely that the amount of face bricks you ultimately utilize will most likely depend on what you wish to fork out. On the other hand, you may love the look of exterior brick so much that you will put a serious dent in your pocketbook to have it. For more information on construction materials, go to

Surface bricks come in a variety of colors varying from a soft orange through to an extremely dark brown shade. Some have a pinkish tint while others are red, purplish, brown or even grey in appearance. The shade of the brick depends on the deposits found therein. For example, yellow-colored bricks have got a high lime-content while pink ones have got more iron in them and the deeper the coloration the greater the content. Apart from coming in a variety of colors, surface bricks are also available in a variety of finishes hence you will need to give some thought to the texture you would like at the same time. Rough, natural-looking bricks are inclined to provide a rustic look while soft yellow or grey bricks lend a modern, urbane feel.

Needless to say, it is not always necessary to use solid surface bricks to convey the look of brickwork. Brick wall cladding, that is actually a flat brick-like layer, can be used to give the look of a wall composed of solid surface brick, so keep this in mind while you’re thinking about what you want the exterior wall surfaces of your house to look like. If you are among those people who doesn’t have a particular liking for the look of surface brick and anticipate opting for plaster walls in and around your property then you can opt for your less good-looking concrete bricks for home and garden walls since they will not be seen.

However, a few final details to remember are that surface bricks can increase the value of a home because they look good and , apart from being durable, are fire resistant and possess excellent thermal properties. With reasons such as this it isn’t really surprising that people decide to use surface brickwork in the home environment.


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