Picking Out Your Wedding Reception Decor

A woman’s wedding day is really a day that many women look forward to and dream of and plan to the last detail. A lot of women do not truly realise how much the decor for their wedding can cost though and this can lead to lots of disappointments as well as tears of aggravation. Here are some things that you should keep in mind if your budget doesn’t allow you to have the decor that you dreamt of all of your life.

Not everyone needs to get a buttonhole or corsage

A few wedding brides want to be able to hand each and every visitor a little buttonhole or corsage arrangement. This is actually not essential. The flowers are simply going to be thrown away after a couple of days after all. It may be a better idea to come up with an excellent novelty gift for every guest that will cost less than the flowers and gift that you originally planned on doing. Even though the corsage and buttonhole is not really part of the wedding decor, it is an expense that can potentially be avoided if you are smart about your planning. For more information on candle hire and wedding decor go to http://www.classycandlehire.co.za

The actual decor does not have to be extravagant to be stunning

Sometimes a bride-to-be will have a picture in her mind that’s luxurious and sophisticated. The issue is that the actual decorator might not be in a position to pull off the wedding decor ideas that the bride has in mind and things will end up looking cluttered as well as awkward. It is often better to go for something a bit more simple that can be used to accent the areas of the venue that are going to be given the most attention during the course of the night instead of trying to have everything looking like a fairy tale.

Fairy lights are pretty if they’re not overdone

It is trendy to have fairy lights in the draping of the venue. This really is excellent and can truly lend a dreamy atmosphere to the evening. It could be tempting and expensive to overdo it though. The concept would be to have the lighting gently shining through the draping, not to have the actual draping hidden by the lights. You want to have a very romantic gentle light throughout the venue and a lot of fairy lights can really detract from that intimate light.

Consider doing a little of it your self

Having the wedding ceremony adornments done by a professional can be really costly. You might be in a position to set up as well as do some of the simple things yourself and thus save yourself a lot of money. Do not be afraid to try it. You might be happy with the results.

The actual decor for any wedding is an integral part of the proceedings and atmosphere of the venue. It should be thought about carefully as well as done with a certain kind of atmosphere in mind. By trying to make things too complicated and lavish you might find it does not look like you imagined it and costs a lot more than you budgeted on spending.


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