Alternatives For Kitchen Counter Surfaces

A woman’s kitchen area is usually her pride and joy, especially if she spends considerable time in it preparing food and treats for her family. It is important that the kitchen is worthy of the pride though. One important thing that may put a real damper on how happy a lady can be in her own kitchen is the countertops. Here are a few options that can be used on kitchen counter tops.


This is actually the least expensive option for countertops. The actual counter tops are manufactured from plywood or pressed wood of some kind as well as covered in a substance called Formica. It’s very similar to the linoleum that is placed on the floors of some homes and office buildings. It is glued down and may last a good while before it starts to crack and chip. There are a lot of colour options and combos that can be made use of though. This, in combination with the cost of the actual Formica, make it a very well liked option for those who have a limited spending budget and want their kitchen area to look good for a while.

Granite and marble

This is actually the next most popular option for kitchen tops. The actual counter tops are made from solid stone and are really hardwearing. It will take lots of punishment to get a granite or marble counter top to crack or chip. This makes them a much more hygienic choice for kitchen counter tops as the chances of having cracks form which can provide a habitat for germs as well as other microbes such as mould to live is a good deal smaller than with Formica counter tops. There’s also a lot of different colours available and you can make use of a variety of colours in your kitchen if you actually want to. You do pay for the stone by the sq . metre and any off cuts are going to be yours to keep as cutting boards or something like that. Make sure that you do get given them and are allowed to keep them since you will have paid for the stone. For more information on kitchen counter material go to


Caesarstone is a fabricated stone that is produced from all kinds of semi precious stone as well as quartz. There are a lot of different types and colours available. The chances of not being able to discover something that suits your tastes is actually slim. It does cost a good deal more than Formica as well as costs more than granite or even marble however the end result is well worth the expense.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the tops of your kitchen counters. You’ve got a number of choices in color and design no matter what you select though. Make sure that you look at your budget so that you know what kind of countertops you are going to be able to afford. You don’t want to begin with one kind of counter top and have to finish with another. It won’t look very good at all.


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