The buzz Of The Double Cab 4×4

Just as recently as a decade ago the double cab 4×4 of many of the companies, one of them a relatively well-known one, sold dreary uninspiring types of the vehicle, because it was viewed as an expansion of a utility vehicle. The situation, today, has turned on its head with all the companies of these motor vehicles vying in the luxury vehicle market with the top end of their design ranges.

The double cab 4×4 has solidly identified itself as a luxurious leisure vehicle complete with ABS and all of the other cool gadgets, leather seats, car like interiors, SATVAV, extravagant entertainment systems, more comfortable suspension systems and naturally big wheels with mags! The instrumentation clusters have grown to be appealing and the overall design of these vehicles has been changed into swans. Whether the manufacturer is Japanese, Korean, Indian or Chinese, they all appear to have employed Western designers, comprehending the taste and value of their largest markets. Many a South African family today in the more youthful age group have a double cab 4×4 as a family vehicle, whereas the older age brackets will have these motors as a 2nd vehicle, used mainly on weekends and vacations as well as very well liked Mom’s taxis. There is much competitiveness in the local market for these vehicles, but the Japanese manufacturers seem to have the main slice of the market, with their brands being household names in South Africa attained based on dependability and durability of manufacture.

South Africa and her citizens lend itself to double cab 4×4 vehicles. The continent is tough and the individuals sports mad as well as great outdoors fans but nevertheless worried about their image as to the vehicles they drive. Such situation fits the modern double cab 4×4 to the tee since they are tough but very desirable to the eye, expensive and luxuriate in a great image among all, including women. Extremely popular as true leisure vehicles, these cars are much applied to camping and exploration holidays are go-anywhere mobile “holiday homes” as they can be equipped with all of the creature comforts for the daring family including roof tents or they can be employed as towing vehicles for bush trailers detailed with kitchens and even bath areas and a tent. Sporty men and women also like these cars as they can definitely use their double cab 4×4 bakkies looking for their fishing or hunting trips. Areas like Sodwana Bay, St Lucia as well as others along the northern KZN coast teem with these cars over holiday seasons and long weekends.

Outings to Namibia and Botswana along with local game reserves may also be popular with young families revelling in the outdoors life style made available from these venues. There are actually of course many places to check out on such trips which are not accessible by sedans. The Richtersveld as well as the dunes of Namibia being well-liked trips open only to the 4×4 brigade, lends some further status to some tourists. For relaxing and splendid go-anywhere transport, buy yourself a big shiny double cab 4×4!


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