Bakkies For Sale In The Local Market

Bakkies, as a method of transport, are incredibly well-known in South Africa. These vehicles are in use in practically every industry, business, farm and local authority along with many utility companies. Also well-liked by the general public, these cars can be obtained in numerous types to suit a large application area.

The bakkie was made popular in South Africa by a modest 1400cc vehicle of Japanese manufacture. This unique model has long been discontinued from manufacture but you will still find a lot of them on the streets. They were known for their durability, even though they were tiny awkward little things, which nevertheless reached iconic status and are still well-known today in refurbished form with individuals as a way of “mass” transport! When these bakkies were eventually written off, their engines continued to be used on farms to drive water pumps and other implements. Other than providing basic transport these (mostly light blue) bakkies were fashionable as starter motors and many a kid mastered how to drive in one of these little bakkies.

Bakkies for sale these days, range from the functional to the luxury and everything in between. One can choose from a large selection of engines and may be powered by either diesel or petrol. The application area is wide for these motor vehicles, but a considerable part of sales are taken up by farm owners who use these bakkies for all round transport. Another considerable slice of sales is taken up as delivery vehicles by businesses. These bakkies will mostly be single cab (or king cab) versions as they are regarded as commercial vehicles without any VAT payable. The vast majority of bakkies sold to the private sector will be of the double cab 4×4 types, which are largely used as leisure vehicles. Game Lodges also are big customers of bakkies in which application they are customized to carry up to 10 game watchers.

There is much rivalry between the different companies in bakkies for sale, particularly in the utility, local authority and government markets, as sales numbers are big and much vying for position happens. Incumbent vendors, providing good service, stand a high probability of maintaining business in these marketplaces. The South African market, today, is served by Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian and European manufacturers. The Japanese manufactured bakkies seem to hold the majority market but the Koreans apply aggressive marketing techniques and their goods are of good design and style and quality placing them in 2nd spot.

The modern bakkie, in particular those bakkies for sale in the leisure market, is a long way away from that little 1400cc bakkie of yesteryear. These bakkies are mostly of double cab setup backed up with 3 litre or more engines, run by either diesel or petrol and in the main quite high-class. These motor vehicles often act as family transportation doubling up as leisure and holiday vehicles. South Africa naturally produces the capacity for this type of auto with rugged country a long sea-coast and neighbouring locations like Namibia and Botswana which are well-known safari locations. Bakkies for sale will long get by in South Africa.


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