Just What Health Coverage Benefits?

Medical health insurance advantages are most important to people with families, the elderly and any person who suffers ill health, in particular. That having been said, every day life is so unstable, that medical health insurance of a few varieties needs to be viewed as being important to all of us. Take away good health and the ability to get over sickness as well as life very quickly becomes problematic with little joy.

There are a number of hospital cover schemes available on the market and they all have one goal: That is to bring financial relief to the treatment of any kind of health condition which requires hospitalisation. This they accomplish in different manners as well as on different scales. The more comprehensive the benefits, the more expensive the actual premiums on this type of scheme will be. For more information on hospital cover, go to http://www.quotecruncher.co.za.

The best known scheme with the most comprehensive hospital cover advantages is the medical aid scheme. A fully fledged medical aid plan for any family of 5 could very easily cost R4500 each month or more depending on the plan. Such an amount will be unaffordable to the majority of people in South Africa. Fortunately most companies will contribute up to 50% of medical aid fees, which makes it affordable for at least some workers. Some companies will also entertain the contribution of part of the total cost (typically 50%) upon lower benefit schemes in order to accommodate much less well paid employees. Medical aid schemes almost always offer a quantity of products with varying benefits to result in the product more affordable to a wider range of people. Medical aid schemes are usually fairly comprehensive. The lower level strategies, however tend to put limits to claim amounts for certain treatment types.

The next relatively comprehensive product is that of a hospital insurance policy. A hospital insurance plan is similar to a medical aid scheme, but provides cover for hospital expenses only — every day healthcare requirements aren’t catered for. The hospital insurance cover policy is not a medical aid nevertheless, it is an insurance product and will pay out directly to you the customer rather than to the medical center. Like in the case of medical aid plans, hospital plans will even offer different levels of the plan, with the lower levels placing limitations on the every day payment quantities given. If you’re relatively healthy from a day by day point of view and can’t afford a medical aid scheme, a hospital plan is an excellent way of providing for health insurance.

Should you be concerned about suffering from one of “the dreaded diseases”, i.e. Cancer, heart disease or HIV AIDS you can take out mainstream life insurance coverage with a dreaded disease clause which will pay out predetermined quantities in the event you contract such a condition. The cash paid out is actually tax free, being an insurance payout, and can be spent at your discretion. There’s also other forms of insurance coverage which will provide medical health insurance benefits, albeit of much lesser monetary value and benefit. It is crucial that you go into taking out medical health insurance with open eyes and equipped with just as much information as you can possibly gather.


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