4×4 Cars In The Local Industry

South Africans are car crazy and it is a characteristic of our land to have a tendency to drive cars and trucks we can’t actually afford, hence the expansion of models and makes obtainable in our reasonably small market. The SUV (also in the 4×4 form) appears to have taken the fancy of the family man, but the traditional 4×4 (bakkie) remains the transport personal choice of a lot of people, because it is also a great recreational vehicle.

The dream of many a young child is to have a 4×4 mainly because it invokes the romantics of pursuit, uncovering and independence. In addition to being vehicle crazy South Africans are also zealous sports and outdoors people so to many the 4×4 is totally the ideal motor vehicle also elevating the image of the driver. The accusations that numerous South African 4×4 owners have no need for the capabilities of the vehicles are true as even females love driving these assertive vehicles and at most scale pavements with them, fetching the youngsters from soccer practice. There is however those that use the vehicles substantially in experiencing the leisure possibilities of the nation and many of these cars are well furnished to act as a mobile go-anywhere holiday house. Africa and also Southern Africa is the perfect terrain to go discovering on holidays with its numerous game reserves, nature reserves and long shoreline offering many vacation possibilities. There are a few great spots both coastal and away from the coast that are only reachable by 4×4 due to the surface and along the coast due to weighty sand tracks.

The northern KZN coastline as well as the southern Mozambique coast is famous playfields for the fisher, divers as well as other water sport fanatics, but only reachable by 4×4 motor vehicles. Comes the December and Easter getaways , the area looks a huge 4×4 shop with all the people descending on their favourite holiday spots with these gleaming 4×4’s and their fishing boats on tow. The land further offers many great inland holiday vacation and camping opportunities, quite a few these are found along dirt tracks, which in turn may turn into tracks not suited to a sedan. While 80% of the roads in the Kgalagardi Game reserve are navigable by sedan it is the other 20% that’s the real fascinating stuff, requiring a 4×4. If you want to cross into the Botswana part of the park your sedan won’t cope with 10 kilometres without becoming ineffective in the sand tracks.

Yes, South Africa is a 4×4 world for those with a bit of bold spirit and who don’t mind skipping one day without a hot shower. Although these are generally tough vehicles, it often is not sensible to buy them second-hand when they belonged to real 4×4 enthusiasts, given that they get used to the full by these fanatics often subjecting the motor vehicles to severe conditions in the execution of their sport. Specialist 4×4 tracks abound in South Africa and several competitions are held to test the effectiveness of the motor vehicles and the skills of the motorists. Like was said right at the start of this article, South Africans are fond of cars!


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