Must You Get Health Coverage For Critical Illness?

In spite of the fact that the arena of medical science is really advanced nowadays it’s even now possible to acquire an illness or develop an ailment a disorder that’s potentially life-threatening and for which there isn’t any simple treatment. Heart failure and cancers are but two illnesses that are considered by the healthcare industry to be ‘critical illnesses’ much like blood clots and problems with major organs such as deteriorating kidneys or liver, for instance, that could lead to the need for a body organ transplant.

Although nobody really loves to harbor the thought that one of the abovementioned ailments might in the course of the future affect them personally, it’s important to think about things like health care insurance. Of course, you may already belong to a medical aid scheme, and there certainly are some good medical aid funds out there. Nevertheless, the nature of critical illnesses is such that extra measures in addition to belonging to a medical aid fund may be necessary. For more information on disability from work, go to

Critical ailments are extremely serious with stress on the word ‘critical’. In actual fact, not only is medical treatment really essential, it tends to be intensive and protracted too. Intensive and protracted medical care is, of course, really expensive which is where medical cover comes in. Insurance such as this will help cover a deficiency that may exist in your medical aid scheme coverage. Hence if you suspect that the medical aid fund to which you belong won’t cover your medical expenses sufficiently with regards to critical illnesses then you may want to consider getting some extra insurance coverage.

Also sometimes known as ‘dread disease coverage’, critical illness cover is a form of medical insurance that is intended specifically to meet the needs of individuals with a very severe illness such as cancer malignancy or heart disease. Therefore, it is a targeted form of medical insurance that can help not only in the event of a medical aid fund shortfall but where there are expensive lifestyle changes that have to be made or family costs that have to be dealt with, for instance.

Health plans possess a benefit over and above medical aid funds in that a) you typically get a cash amount when you claim against your policy and b) you will be allowed to to utilize that cash not only to deal with medical expenses but domestic and other expenditures too. Sure, health-related expenses are a significant component of dealing with a critical illness but there’s usually loss of income to contend with as well as lifestyle changes that often accompany the circumstances.

Of course, the reaction of a lot of of us is to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to the thought of critical illness affecting us or our family members. This is a natural reaction for people because, after all, what we do not know can’t hurt us, right? Having said that, you may want to give some thought to the peace of mind having health insurance like critical disease conceal could give you, especially if there is a background of serious illness such as, say, cardiovascular disease in your family.


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