Funeral Cover Should Be No Option

Funeral cover must not been seen as an optional item in your insurance profile. Such cover is very affordable, but should you forget to take out an appropriate policy, it could impact your immediate household financially in having to afford you a dignified funeral.

There is many a tragic tale of people not having had any funeral cover and the family was left with the invoice to bury a person. In the tradition of Africa, funerals are large affairs with extended family and associates attending burials than can last an entire weekend. The funeral goers usually have to be housed and fed over the period of time and the immediate family members have to foot the check. Comes the time for the celebration of the tomb stone, the predicament is often repeated. The entire bill can take the household a long time to settle leaving them in short supply of living and other expenses. This all can be averted by taking out funeral cover. Should you be the breadwinner you might like to consider including your immediate family and your parents in the policy at the same time. These alternatives are cheap and allows for your immediate family to be laid to rest in dignity even after your death. For more information on life cover quotes, go to

Funeral cover policies are freely offered by most insurance providers and some merchants offer packages from as low as R38.00 each month for wife and husband, with a payout value of R10 000. You can modify these policies to match your own requirements and some policies where your immediate family is included can be laid to rest with full costs even after your passing away by applying for the policy to be paid up after your death. Funeral policies are payable on cash on receipt of the appropriate death certificate and the payout is tax-free. Because of this you have cash in hand when completing the plans for the funeral. There are also a number of add-ons to many funeral policies, like a further sum payable for a tombstone or groceries to a certain value to the left behind loved ones for one year. It would be best discussing your needs with a licensed financial consultant or as a first pass access the net for details.

The money necessary for funerals is forever rising, especially in the rural areas where there is much competitiveness for the services of undertakers, especially over weekends. Undertakers in Kwa Zulu Natal report having to conduct up to 10 funerals on some weekends despite the fact that their services don’t come inexpensive. It’s estimated that the cheapest burial these days cost as much as R10 000 with no food, accommodation, travelling or tombstone charges. A sizable funeral to include an extended family with all the extras and a future tombstone might cost R100 000 upwards dependant upon the coffin chosen and foodstuff served at the ceremony. With such costs possibly facing your family it would seem to be less than dependable not to enter a funeral cover policy. The sooner you take action and initiate your enquiry, the sooner you may be alleviating your family of massive debt on your passing away.


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