Car Insurance For Women May Be Less expensive Than Car Insurance coverage For Guys!

Car insurance for women is cheaper (at some insurance agencies) than that for guys – fact!

So, if you’re a female, utilize this fact and look at the net for details on car insurance for women. Females apparently are less risky drivers than males, they also travel less and as a consequence they are a smaller risk, hence the discount on insurance protection. Besides the cheaper insurance charges, the requirements for establishing the actual rate payable remain the same for all seeking car insurance. For more information on best

vehicle insurance, go to

A number of the criteria made use of by insurance agencies to discover the rate accessible to you would include the Province your home is in, the city you reside in and the area within you live in. This has to do with criminal activity rates in various areas. The higher the criminal offense rate in a certain area the greater the risk to the insurance provider and the greater your premium. Other standards that pertain to pinpointing the rate for car insurance for woman derive from your practical experience as a vehicle driver. Your real age and how long you have had your licence is essential. Obviously an eighteen year old student won’t benefit from the same rate (all the other factors being equal) than a 40 year old mother.

How frequently you use the car, where you go and for what intent, are also factors to be taken into consideration, as well as who you allow to drive your car. In case you allow your 18 years old boy to drive your car; that will bedevil your premium by a few Rands! If your car is not garaged at night you can expect to pay more. If you work and your vehicle is not securely parked while working, you will pay more and so will you if you have an expensive subwoofer installed in your car. What motor vehicle you drive and its current value clearly will also have an impact on the premium to be levied as will your non claim historical past.

Car insurance for women possibilities is splattered all over the net with all of the insurance houses intensely rivalling for the female marketplace. So, madam, rush off and away to the web and ask for up to 9 comparative quotations and start saving some precious Rands. In an economic system where whatever else is rising, especially fuel and food, it seems like a blessing to save on insurance cover which traditionally have been high-priced – if you are a female, that is!

The theft rate on cars is staggering and particularly so on certain motor vehicles and or models. The criminals seem to give preference to certain vehicles as they are more “anonymous” or their engines and gearboxes sell well as spares. Insurance premiums on such known motor vehicles and models are larger because of the increased risk to the insurance firm. Even in the posh vehicle segment selected less obvious versions (good sellers) tend to be more loved by thieves than others although vehicles in this category appear to be stolen on order and exported to Mozambique and Zimbabwe. So it seems whether you are driving a luxury car or a plain everyday car, you are at significant risk in not having car insurance for women – if you are of course a woman!


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