Attiring The Female

The number one item of clothing a bride-to-be thinks of with regards to buying marriage attire is without a doubt her wedding dress, and deservingly so. However, birdes-to-be who’re planning on having a lot of marriage attendants such as flower girls, bridesmaids,, pages and groomsmen will have an extra task ahead. Suitable attire will have to be picked out every one of bridal attendants and for some reason the female’s garb typically seems to demand the most care.

From the bride’s point of view, the color and design of the bridal party dresses must work well with the overall motif of the wedding ceremony party and also complement her own gown. Their attire mustn’t overshadow her gown in the least which could occasionally be tricky if the wedding palette is made up of saturated or vivid hues. Although many western brides still opt to don a white-colored dress on their marriage day, sporting white is no longer mandatory. For more information on wedding dresses, go to

These days bridal dresses vary wildly in color from soft creams, pinks and champagnes to vivid shades and even black. It is easy to see how a light-colored bridal dress might become lost in amid an array of similar hued bridesmaids dresses. What’s more, even though black bridal dresses are relatively unusual, even right now, it is easier to pair black with bridesmaids’ gowns in bright colors than it might be to team a vibrant colored bridal gown with a similar palette of vivid colors.

What’s more, it’s essential that a bridesmaid loves her gown and feels happy wearing it. All too often we encounter the stereotype of the unhappy bridesmaid who’s been made to wear a garment of the bride’s choosing that does not suit her either in shade or style. Odds are, the attendants are good pals of the bride consequently it’s incumbent upon the latter to make sure that the ladies in the wedding party are content with their outfits. Of course the focus should be on the bride-to-be in her wedding dress but it’s hardly worth offending a friend over.

Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of gowns for bridesmaids on the market nowadays so it shouldn’t be difficult to please everybody. Moreover, the tendency in recent years is to depart from matching dresses for the bridesmaids. This means that it’s now quite acceptable for bridesmaids to don dresses in individual hues that suit them specifically provided that those hues are the same in tonal value. Flower girl dresses, on the other hand, tend be simpler to coordinate because they can be white like the bridal gown and will not overshadow it.

On the subject of overshadowing the bride, as a wedding invitee it is simply not done to compete with a bride by sporting a white dress. This is particularly true of traditional receptions where evening dresses are worn. Last year, in a foolhardy display of inconsiderateness, celebrity Lindsay Lohan put on a low-cut Alice Temperley dress to go to Kim Kardashian’s nuptials which is not something you should do to any bride-to-be so stay clear of white-colored gowns. As you can see from the paragraphs above, there’s a certain amount of etiquette involved in female wedding attire and for good cause.


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