Picking The Right Life Insurance Coverage

All of us are all conscious of how unpredictable the actual world which we live in can be. Accidents occur and ruin lives on a daily basis. For this reason it’s so vital that you ensure that you have the right kind of life along with other personal insurance policies in position as early on in your lifetime as possible.

There are a lot of insurance companies out there and they all have different guidelines to offer you. Deciding on the best one can make life truly complex. In an attempt to make your life a little easier, here is a look at what Clientele Life can offer an individual. For more information on life insurance go to http://www.clientelelifeinsurance.co.za

Clientele has two options to offer you in terms of life insurance. There is the premium life cover plan and the lasting dignity plan.

The actual premium life insurance plan covers you up to R5 million for premiums that begin at R200 per month. All that you need to do to get this cover is actually apply. You do not have to endure possibly costly medical examinations or anything like that. The only thing which Clientele will need is an HIV test which they will have one of their nurses administer at your convenience. You can also add critical illness cover to your life insurance policy as well as disability cover. If you’re good about paying your own premiums and do not make certain claims, which are outlined within your policy documents, then you’ll get cash back once you have paid 60 premiums.

The lasting dignity cash back plan’s also a life insurance coverage that will provide you with cover of up to R200 000. The rates start at R100 each month. There are no medical exams involved, not even an HIV test. However, you are not covered for any pre-existing problems. You would need to make special provision for those with Clientele in a separate policy. Each and every lasting dignity plan comes with free accidental cover though which truly enhances the value of the policy. You’re also entitled to a 75% payment if you’re diagnosed with a terminal sickness that meets Clientele’s conditions. This can really help to pay for all of the hospital bills that an illness of this nature can accumulate.

You will need to weight up the benefits and expenses related to both forms of cover prior to making a choice. It is likely that, if you are an more mature individual who does not have much financial debt or even many financial obligations, the lasting dignity plan would be the one which suits you best. If you have a lot of financial debt or even have people who depend on you for their daily bread then your premium life insurance will be the better option. If you are not sure what to do, then it’s best to get advice from a financial consultant who is qualified to do an analysis of the financial situation and make a recommendation with regards to just how much life insurance you’ll need and what other personal insurance policies you should consider before committing to any kind of policy.


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