Office Relocation To Be Trusted To Experts

Office relocation concerning quite a few office chairs and desks, with the odd filing cupboard thrown in, is not a task to be undertaken by the unskilled. The larger the job at hand, the higher the need to plan and perform the project precisely to avoid budget overruns and time loss. Moving the head office of any organisation is a big event, involving the loss of production, communication and business. It makes sense that the move needs to be carefully orchestrated and run on project management principals to ensure it runs on time and on budget to obtain the planned results.

Office relocation isn’t just about the physical removal and re installing of office hardware but concerns other conditions at the same time, for instance on-going communication with consumers, on-going business, public relations, supervision issues, marketing issues and other operational considerations. As it is less likely that the contents of an entire building can be moved in one action, the various stages of the move need to be thought out and monitored. The very first stage of the office relocation will probably concern the installation of the infrastructure and IT systems anchor. That means that a new phone exchange and system needs to be installed, the IT communications system backbone needs to be put in as well as any other conversation lines like fax server lines and so forth. The installation points for servers, PC’s, terminals, ink jet printers and other computer peripheral devices will have been mapped and set up before and the equipment moved and re-installed over a determined period such as a Friday to Sunday to cause the minimum disruption. Thereafter the work stations and other furnishings will follow per schedule allowing smooth installment without clashing traffic for the remainder of the selected time period of moving locations. For more information on Removal services go to

It could be vital that you appoint a project crew to regulate the office relocation, with a single individual accepting overall responsibility. It would be important that each division or floor be represented on the project team to liaise the moving of that floor to the new position. The specialised aspects like IT, networking, telephone systems etc should also be represented and a master plan created in conjunction with the firm appointed to bring about the actual move. The Project crew should further be charged with such aspects as parking allocation and any signs that ought to be installed inside and outside the building. The undertaking should from the beginning be run on the basis and principles of project management under the auspices of the appointed project manager. The Project management task should ideally be run on a computerised system and the members of the team be kept up to date by Electronic mail.

The office relocation of smaller projects should be run on similar principles albeit in maybe a less intricate fashion as the volumes would be reduced. Although volumes might be less in the case of smaller concerns, the same principles of management would apply as in the case of larger concerns concerning the inevitable loss of production, communication and business, which components should be cautiously risk managed.


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