Never Put Your Faith In Your Notebooks- Use Backup Systems

When considering the protection of our information most of us put all our trust in our personal computers, so much in fact that we never think to backup useful information. This information can vary any where from work projects, photos, personal information, programmes, books and movies, all of which gets saved on our personal computers.

This faith we have our information is safely stored on our pc’s and will remain there permanently is exactly what gets most of us sometime or another in deep trouble. It is only once we have experienced losing all of our files that we look into the need for having some kind of backup system. The reality is that yes your computer was built to store your information but it isn’t full proof you have to backup your data especially beneficial information. For more information on backup systems, go to

There are many ways in which we can lose valuable data here in the next few paragraphs I’ll be going over probably the most common ways that we can lose our data and in addition share a few sorts of data backup systems with you. This post will function so you never need to stare at your laptop or computer in utter shock as you realise how all of your information and possibly months of effort has disappeared into the ether.

Here are some typical ways in which we lose data:

o Human error

It may not have ever happened to you yet, but a majority of times we lose files by way of error. Deleting data by accident is a very common error which takes place often for lots of people. When we failed to save the data it could be lost forever. You might also spill water on your computer which may lead to hard disk damage.

o Virus destruction

While a good many people have anti-virus programmes on our personal computers, there will always be new forms of viruses which regularly our anti-virus will not pick up. Virus are male-ware programmes which are developed to cause havoc on one’s laptop or computer when downloaded. Each time you enter an internet site or download a programme from the net you are in danger of being contaminated with a pc virus. These viruses can cause loss of data or block your pc so that you can no longer access it.

o Hard disk crash

Your hard disk may crash. Whether it is because your computer is older or perhaps for some other motive but a computer can crash and it may crash at any given time. Hard disk crashes implies that all information stored on your hard disk will disappear.

Solutions to backup information

o You can either store your data on an external hard drive, on CD’s and DVD’s or USB devices. o You can store your information on one of the number of online drives available. Your data is stored on the internet and you have access to it from any computer device. o You could purchase backup system software. These kinds of software are created to either backup your files or clone your whole hard drive.


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