Insulate Your House And Save Much On Electricity

One of the main issues with the homes which are built in South Africa is that it was not built to keep out the cold. South Africa for most part has a moderate climate but with climate changes over the years we’ve been experiencing more and more serious winters. Properties in Europe will often have double glazed windows to be able to block out the cold in addition to panel radiators which keeps the house warm and also heats the water.

Due to the fact our homes aren’t properly insulated the heat escapes so much easier therefore we constantly have to keep our heaters on to keep warm. This as you know results in a hike in our electricity bill each and every winter. If your house was correctly insulated however you could heat your house and then switch of the heaters and the temperature within the home will be moderate and maintain the temperature for hours. It is estimated that by installing insulation you could save on your energy costs as much as 55 Percent .

Insulation not only serves to keep your house warm in cooler months however, it also acts to maintain your house cool in hotter months! The fantastic thing about insulation is that it also stops the intense summer heat from coming inside the home. Prior to beginning to learn of insulation and experiencing it directly I was under the misguided perception that the insulation would trap heat inside the residence during summer months causing it to become like an oven.

My thinking was faulty as the heat does not originate from inside the house unless there’s some kind of heating, the heat comes from the sun. So for the duration of summer season the insulation soaks up the suns heat keeping the inside of your house cool whilst during the cold months it keeps heat which is generated from inside the house trapped indoors.

The reason why it is in past statistics proven to decrease your electricity bill by up to 55% is because you save electricity during summer months as well by not needing to use air conditioners and electric fans. All which use electricity to work.

There is another benefit of home insulation too, besides your individual comfort and that’s the advantage that it has on the planet. By reducing your personal energy usage you are minimising the dangerous effects how the use of non renewable energy sources have on this earth. Everybody in this point in time needs to de-pollute the environment if we still want our youngsters and grandkids to have an earth to live on one day.

If you would want to make your home even more eco-friendly you can also install solar panels which will reduce your energy costs even more. It might seem a bit like a dream but there are people who pay almost nothing on their electric bill every month.

The initial expense of insulation might seem steep to some individuals, but if you factor in the lifelong savings you will soon discover the great return on your expenditure.

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