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4×4 Cars In The Local Industry

South Africans are car crazy and it is a characteristic of our land to have a tendency to drive cars and trucks we can’t actually afford, hence the expansion of models and makes obtainable in our reasonably small market. The SUV (also in the 4×4 form) appears to have taken the fancy of the family man, but the traditional 4×4 (bakkie) remains the transport personal choice of a lot of people, because it is also a great recreational vehicle.

The dream of many a young child is to have a 4×4 mainly because it invokes the romantics of pursuit, uncovering and independence. In addition to being vehicle crazy South Africans are also zealous sports and outdoors people so to many the 4×4 is totally the ideal motor vehicle also elevating the image of the driver. The accusations that numerous South African 4×4 owners have no need for the capabilities of the vehicles are true as even females love driving these assertive vehicles and at most scale pavements with them, fetching the youngsters from soccer practice. There is however those that use the vehicles substantially in experiencing the leisure possibilities of the nation and many of these cars are well furnished to act as a mobile go-anywhere holiday house. Africa and also Southern Africa is the perfect terrain to go discovering on holidays with its numerous game reserves, nature reserves and long shoreline offering many vacation possibilities. There are a few great spots both coastal and away from the coast that are only reachable by 4×4 due to the surface and along the coast due to weighty sand tracks.

The northern KZN coastline as well as the southern Mozambique coast is famous playfields for the fisher, divers as well as other water sport fanatics, but only reachable by 4×4 motor vehicles. Comes the December and Easter getaways , the area looks a huge 4×4 shop with all the people descending on their favourite holiday spots with these gleaming 4×4’s and their fishing boats on tow. The land further offers many great inland holiday vacation and camping opportunities, quite a few these are found along dirt tracks, which in turn may turn into tracks not suited to a sedan. While 80% of the roads in the Kgalagardi Game reserve are navigable by sedan it is the other 20% that’s the real fascinating stuff, requiring a 4×4. If you want to cross into the Botswana part of the park your sedan won’t cope with 10 kilometres without becoming ineffective in the sand tracks.

Yes, South Africa is a 4×4 world for those with a bit of bold spirit and who don’t mind skipping one day without a hot shower. Although these are generally tough vehicles, it often is not sensible to buy them second-hand when they belonged to real 4×4 enthusiasts, given that they get used to the full by these fanatics often subjecting the motor vehicles to severe conditions in the execution of their sport. Specialist 4×4 tracks abound in South Africa and several competitions are held to test the effectiveness of the motor vehicles and the skills of the motorists. Like was said right at the start of this article, South Africans are fond of cars!


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The Fun Of The Small Car

The larger vehicles of the pre 90’s have made place for medium-sized and smaller sized motor vehicles, aided by the expense of fuel but also due to budget issues, smaller households needing less space and manoeuvrability issues and parking space scarcity. The small car has arrived to stay.

In a place like South Africa where 2 motors are a necessity because of the absence of adequate trains and buses, it also seems sensible that the 2nd vehicle should be small because of cost of purchase and functional costs favouring the small car. Small car style and design has developed so much that most small cars can handle transporting 4 individuals in comfort and ease over short distances like urban travel. Modern engine technologies have progressed where 1 litre and 1.2 litre motors are more than ample to power these cars rendering them very economical. While not ideally created to cover extended distances in great comfort one often spot these little cars in urban centers far removed from their registered cities, which means men and women are prepared to travel distances with a small car. Whereas in the 60’s, 1970’s and even the 1980’s large cars were normal in South Africa that market has shrunk to the executive level only which is reasonably small in favour of medium and small cars.

Asian car manufacturers in particular has cashed in on the small car industry, while in addition there are some European models accessible in South Africa. These modest cars are pretty, cheeky and well furnished, making them very well liked as a first car buy among the younger generation who are further attracted to the options accessible to customize the cars. The designers have pulled out all stops to make these motor vehicles funky and fun to travel in and some are equipped with excellent entertainment systems. The days where ones success in life and size of income somewhat was coupled to the size of the car in your drive way have thankfully all but disappeared, certainly among the middle class of the population. Looking at the traffic in our towns the small motor vehicle is most visible in their numbers while twenty years ago they were visible as oddities.

Today Korea, Japan, India and china are the market leaders in the manufacturing of the small car with Europe having woken up to the way forward for the small car. These cars, which even 10 years ago, specially those from Asia, were a bit sloppy, plastic and cheap, but that has all improved. Some renowned small cars have actually grown in size, while other producers produced some of the world’s most compact cars. This trend seems to have settled and many small vehicles are rolling off the manufacturing lines with even the Americans having had to concede to some more compact models. The financial aspects of these vehicles simply makes sense as you can buy a medium sized car and a small vehicle for even less than the price of some large motor vehicles which in South Africa reach prices of R600 000 upwards when compared to the small car for even less than R100 000 in some cases.

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Precisely why Hatches Are So Well-liked

Hatches are preferred, particularly with the younger set, due to their design and the notion that they are “young peoples’ fun cars”.

A hatch can be recognised by the fact that they don’t have a conventional boot, but the back of the motor vehicle has a massive upright entrance covered by a either a 3rd or a 5th door (depending on the model) that swings upwards. Hatches in the beginning were big motors and were first made by the Americans in the 1930’s. Hatches, nevertheless were really made famous and made into a most popular design utilizing the design on 2 of their celebrated sports vehicles in the 60’s. The one car was long and sleek and for several years remained the benchmark for sport vehicles, the other -also a famous label – was a smaller car and perhaps more of a tourer that was a pretty and fun car rolled into one. Again, it was the British that caught the creative thinking of the world with a hatch in the mid 1960’s: a smaller car often painted British racing green and showing the same name as a small dress made famous by Mary Quant. With the launch of a hotter version, the name of “hot hatch” was created.

Hatches differ in design and style from sedans not simply on account of the large backdoor providing admission to the boot, but also in the basic design of the motor car. With a sedan three boxes are set to a chassis, namely the engine compartment, the passenger shell along with the boot. The hatch, having said that, has a 2 box design being the engine and the passenger shell and boot as one bundled box. Modern hatches are perfect for loading requirements as the 2 back seats can fold flat, thereby vastly enhancing the loading space and additionally the passenger seat may also be folded flat allowing for the transport of objects like ladders. To young people fond of the outdoors such set up is ideal as camping gear and other equipment can be transported with ease. An additional appeal to many young adults is the cool colours and add-ons on offer, together with the picture of a “hot hatch”.

Hatches can be found in 3 door and 5 door layouts, and could only have two seats instead of four, like the British sports cars referred to above. Most hatches may have an A, B and C pillar, but some may have an additional D pillar. Hatches have an extended parcel shelf at the rear of the car effectively covering the boot area. This shelf raises up as you open the door to the boot area creating easy access.

There are lots of hatchback cars on the market today mainly from Asian and European origin and they can mostly be seen in the small car category. A few of these hatches are iconic and others are pretty in style and finish. Some, including the British version, can be extremely accessorised and customised thereby keeping the image of a fun vehicle for the young and maybe even the young at heart.

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The Remarkable Zambezi River

There are numerous well-known estuaries and rivers positioned around the globe which are important and essential to man for many hundreds of years. The Zambezi is one of these and is going to be the primary focus of this piece of writing. Nevertheless, how many of us think instantly of this particular one when we contemplate famous rivers?

In the event that a person thinks about world-renowned river courses, the Ganges in India may come in your thoughts, or the Nile which flows through Egypt. Perhaps it’s the powerful South American Amazon that you think of if you think about a big riverine system or perhaps the lengthy and winding Mississippi that extends from Lake Itasca where it originates, to New Orleans, the city in which the “good times roll”. On the other hand, perhaps for you it’s the Danube, or even the Volga. In essence, the renowned waterway that comes to mind initially is likely to be the one you’ve got the most association with. Thus in the event you ask a fisherman who has fished in the Zambezi then this will most likely be the waterway they speak about because it is famed for its sportfishing opportunities, among other things. For more information on fishing resorts, go to

For the rural communities that dwell along its banks, the Zambezi is a very important body of water indeed as it aids in supporting their existence through the fishing prospects it provides. Even though Zambezi is known around the world as a leading angling location, and anglers from all around the globe journey to it for the angling opportunities, the local people who reside here go fishing to survive rather than to enjoy the activity of sportfishing. You might remember the true tale of Jeremy Wade, a UK fisherman who caught a goliath tigerfish in the Congo River. The angler tried to resuscitate the tigerfish so that it could go on living much to the dismay of the local residents since a find of that proportion had the capacity to nourish a whole community. It isn’t unreasonable to think that the situation could have been similar had this huge fish been captured in the Zambezi.

Because it is such a lengthy waterway – the fourth longest on the African continent to be exact – the Zambezi passes through no less than nine African countries on its way to the Indian Ocean where it spills into the Mozambique Channel. It boasts the incredible Victoria Falls which can be seen from possibly Zimbabwean or Zambian soil subject to which edge of the falls you are on. Two dams, the Kariba and the Cahora Bassa are used to provide a range of African nations with hydroelectric power. Of course, the Zambezi is also residence to a range of wildlife and plants both on its banks and in the water.

That being said, this spectacular river is far more than a set of coordinates with a length and breadth set down on paper in a Geography book. It is a continually flowing life force that is as awe-inspiring as it is gorgeous and has to be witnessed with the human eye for the magnificence to be fully comprehended. Regardless of whether we privately see a river such as the Zambezi as life sustaining, a great site to fish, an organic wonder of remarkable beauty or even just as a geographic coordinate, it needs to be witnessed to be understood.

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Picking Out And Using Bricks In The Residential Setting

The use of ceramic bricks is a means of building that’s been utilized for hundreds of years. This is mainly because that clay bricks tend to be very durable and strong as well as visually attractive. You will find there’s a wide array of distinct styles and shades of bricks on the market nowadays and it might be a tough job to choose the most suitable style.

The type of brick you choose will depend first of all on what you intend to use it for, and secondly, whether it is going to be visible or covered by plaster and paint. With respect to the abovementioned, it stands to reason that you will need to choose a paving brick when you’re putting down paving and face brick or cement building bricks when you’re building walls. Sad to say surface or ‘face’ brick, which is so called because it’s visible when building is finished, tends to be more costly because it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve ever seen a home with bare cement block wall surfaces then you will understand what we mean by ‘visually appealing’. Therefore it’s likely that the amount of face bricks you ultimately utilize will most likely depend on what you wish to fork out. On the other hand, you may love the look of exterior brick so much that you will put a serious dent in your pocketbook to have it. For more information on construction materials, go to

Surface bricks come in a variety of colors varying from a soft orange through to an extremely dark brown shade. Some have a pinkish tint while others are red, purplish, brown or even grey in appearance. The shade of the brick depends on the deposits found therein. For example, yellow-colored bricks have got a high lime-content while pink ones have got more iron in them and the deeper the coloration the greater the content. Apart from coming in a variety of colors, surface bricks are also available in a variety of finishes hence you will need to give some thought to the texture you would like at the same time. Rough, natural-looking bricks are inclined to provide a rustic look while soft yellow or grey bricks lend a modern, urbane feel.

Needless to say, it is not always necessary to use solid surface bricks to convey the look of brickwork. Brick wall cladding, that is actually a flat brick-like layer, can be used to give the look of a wall composed of solid surface brick, so keep this in mind while you’re thinking about what you want the exterior wall surfaces of your house to look like. If you are among those people who doesn’t have a particular liking for the look of surface brick and anticipate opting for plaster walls in and around your property then you can opt for your less good-looking concrete bricks for home and garden walls since they will not be seen.

However, a few final details to remember are that surface bricks can increase the value of a home because they look good and , apart from being durable, are fire resistant and possess excellent thermal properties. With reasons such as this it isn’t really surprising that people decide to use surface brickwork in the home environment.

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Looking Into A Sales Career

It is likely that there will come a time in your life when you begin to search for a job. Whenever you do, one of the options that you will find is actually sales. A lot of companies look for sales people and there is almost always an opening for a salesman or woman somewhere. If you decide that this is one way that you would like your career to go, then you need to make certain that you do a lot of research on the job even before you send in an application. Here are a few things that you are going to have to take a look at.

Salary structure

The majority of ales positions work on a basic as well as commission structure. This is not a problem for most of us. The idea is for you to make as many sales as possible and so increase your salary. You do have to have a look at exactly what the basic is and just how the commission is actually structured. You do not want to have a basic that won’t cover at the very least some of your work costs such as petrol and you also wish to have a commission arrangement that will give you a fair percentage of every sale which you make. The percentage should be target based so that if you reach a certain value in sales your percentage for every sale increases. For more information on sales jobs, go to

Travel arrangements

Some sales jobs need you to have your own vehicle. If you do not and you manage to get the job then you’re going to face some serious issues. If you do not have a vehicle of your own then you’ll need to look for a product sales job which will come with a company car. If you fail to get to you customers then you cannot make sales, it’s that simple.

Lead gathering

A few businesses have internal sales representatives who gather leads for the external sales representatives to follow up on. Other companies make their sales staff gather their own leads. You need to know which the structure the job you’re applying for is going to make use of so that you know how much work you’re in for. If you have to gather as well as qualify your own leads then you are going to make fewer product sales as much more time is going to be wasted. This means that you need to look to get a higher percentage of commission upon every sale.

There are lots of things that you have to look at when you’re applying for sales positions. It is unlikely that any two product sales jobs are going to be the exact same and that means you have to know what it is that you are getting yourself in for when you apply. You shouldn’t get into any job without all the information about the position at your fingertips. All that happens then I frustration and the potential for failure increases a great deal. Rather feel as though you’re asking too many questions than feel that you don’t know enough about the job.

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Guidelines On How To Avoid Calling A Plumber

For anyone who is naive on the subject of household maintenance and so are experiencing some problems with your water works, like a blocked drain or perhaps a leaking tap you will be thankful to find out that you can mostly correct it all by yourself so don’t instantly call a plumber.

Most plumbers will charge a hourly rate to work on the problem, so if it’s a little difficulty even if they take 10 mins to sort out they will still charge a fee for the hour. There are many plumbing jobs which you can do yourself with some basic tools. A some of the tools any house owner needs to have is a plunger, a snake, a wrench and a screwdriver. A snake is just an iron rod that has a hook at the end of it. Both these tools for example will help you with your plumbing problem in a few ticks. For more information on Plumbers, go to

Outlined in this article I will be giving you some advice on how you may sort out a few fundamental plumbing problems on your own.

Blocked drains

For those who have a blocked drain you do not always need to call a plumber. A blocked drain can mostly be unblocked with a plunger. If you find that water isn’t going down in your kitchen sink you need to place the plunger over the drain and plunge five to seven times. If the water still doesn’t go down then wait a couple of minutes and do this again. You can even take a long, thin and flexible metal rod which has a hook on the end to feel if you can feel the clog. If you’re able to then turn the rod in order to hook whatever is stuck and pull it up.

Leaking tap

If your tap is seeping it’s going to usually be because the washer is worn. A washer is an easy thing to replace. Here are the steps you must take in order to replace the washer.

First of all you must switch off the primary water supply to the taps. You will typically find a tap underneath the bathroom sink. Simply turn this tap shut. Once it is closed you have to unscrew the tap cover. You’ll then need to use your wrench in order to unscrew the nut. When you unscrew the nut you will notice a disk attached underneath. This is called your washer and it’s also the part which needs to be replaced. Take the washer with you to the hardware store to be able to purchase the precise size washer.

Screw the washer back onto the nut after which use the wrench to fasten the nut tightly into place. You can then replace the tap cover and your problem needs to be solved.

These are merely two examples of day to day household issues which can be solved without the need to call in a plumber. In the event that these pointers are still not solving your issue then it’s time to locate a plumber!

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