Why Corporate Cleaning Has grown More popular then ever

Corporate cleaning services have become an essential business segment in the products and services marketplace. A spin off from the 90’s drive in outsourcing, where all non core business routines of corporations and larger businesses were contracted, it shot to popularity in leaps and bounds with numerous great testimonials, in particular among female operators.

Most of these corporate cleaning services are not only to do with the sweeping and dusting of office space but in many cases a comprehensive service is offered, which typically could consist of multiple services incorporated in a single contract with a single operator. These types of services could include: exterior cleaning, (glass windows, gardens and car valet solutions) interior cleaning incorporating such services such as pest control and hygienic services. In some cases it could include the maintenance of air-conditioning plants also. These services are important not only from a corporate image perspective, but also that of a protected and healthy work environment.

There are numerous buildings which experience ‘sick office syndrome’ considered to be the result of poor cleaning, dirty air conditioners and inadequate hygienic control. This condition leads to high absenteeism among workers and decreased efficiency which have an effect on costs and profitability. It is therefore important to allocate any contracts for cleaning services to equipped and expert operators according to your requirements.

There are several large operators within this industry of corporate cleaning that undertake and execute main contracts with large commercial businesses, the public service, airports, hospitals and the like. These services are often tailor made to the needs of the customer and are usually multi-functional to cater for services other than pure office cleaning. In order to read more about hospitality services please visit our site. The support offered in terms of hygiene will take care of all the specifications for office toilet areas including sanitation, cleaning and the supply of soap dispensers, paper dispensers, and air cleaners and so on. Pest control management is an important aspect of general cleaning services especially in more vulnerable businesses like the hospitality industry, offices with kitchen or canteen facilities and the like. This is an essential requirement of a healthy working environment and best left to the professional cleaning services operators.

Whereas there are several large operators involved with corporate cleaning, there are also some successful smaller operators delivering essential albeit less diversified services. These providers typically operate at the home, guesthouse, smaller offices and small factory environment. Their services can be contracted on a daily casual basis, a set daily schedule, a weekly and a month to month schedule and their services are often flexible in terms of product delivery. Although by now a relatively established industry, it none the less offers existing possibilities to would be entrepreneurs. This business type requires sound planning and execution skills as well as incredible human relations and management skills as virtually all staff are contract workers.

Efficient assessment of would be workers is essential, as security plays an essential part in the rendering of this service. Personal effects are often left unguarded by workers in offices and in any office there is some classified information either in file or digital form that could be tempting to long fingers.



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