Latest books I read

I love reading – a lot. I read a lot of arb stuff, mix between fiction – mostly SF and Fantasy but also a good dollop of historical fiction, whodunnits and so forth.Anything with a good storyline really.

With regards to non-fiction, I like autobiographies, history, lives of famous men and women, science related books.

What I read recently – Secret life of Henrietta Lacks, about how it came about that most of the cells these days that are used in research for cancer, polio, AIDS etc, were ‘harvested’ from a woman called Henrietta Lacks who died of cervical cancer in 1951. The book explores the impact on Henrietta’s family years afterwards, as well as track the development of using cells commercially for research. It also takes a look at the ethical and humanitarian issues around using cells and other bodily parts for research, but mostly the book focuses on the impact of the cell harvesting and usage on Henrietta’s family, who were not even aware that it happened and only found out years later.


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